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About Lviv

City сouncil

Lviv - one of the largest cities of Ukraine, the regional center of Lviv region. The town is situated on the river Poltva, at a distance of less than 80 kilometers from the border with Poland. The historic center of Lviv is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. A population of 900 thousand people. Visits him with a guided tour of more than 200 thousand people. Lviv resembles an open air museum, which houses 2,000 historic, architectural and cultural attractions. The city was founded in 1256 by Prince Danylo Galitsky and named in honor of his son Leo. The advantageous location at the crossroads of trade routes from the Black and Baltic Seas, from Kiev, Central and Western Europe contributed to its rapid economic development.

The architecture of Lviv mixed Gothic and Baroque, Renaissance and Romanesque, Rococo and Empire, modern eclecticism and constructivism. Lviv - a city in the tradition and architecture harmoniously combined ancient and modern. Great influence on religion, culture and architecture of Lviv had the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Poland. The magnates and maecenas 16-17 centuries invited talented artists from all over Europe, which created a unique architectural gem. In 1998, the city of Lviv was included into the list of world monuments, which are under the patronage of UNESCO.

Powder tower

Powder Tower. In the center of Lviv is a beautiful town hall, which stands on the square - one of the landmarks of the city. The earliest mention of the Town Hall belongs to the 1381. Now a symbol of the city. Entrance to the town hall guarded by two lions. They are holding shields with the arms of the city. In the heart of the emblem is put print Galician princes. The facility, which now occupies the central part of the area - Market Square (1835). On this square are all museums of the city: Arms, a museum of porcelain and earthenware ages 15-16, the museum furniture museum - a pharmacy, etc.

Today Lviv is the custodian of national ideas and culture - is an economic and educational center of Western Ukraine. The city has many museums, art galleries, theatrical and musical troupes. Season the Lviv Opera and Ballet is very busy. Lviv has 12 universities, he has a deserved reputation as the city with a high level of national culture. Here is one of the oldest in Central Europe and the first based in Ukraine, university.


Mechanical engineering has always been the facing of an economic complex of region, which including the presentation and production of insulators. Manufacture of insulators, including glass insulators has a rich history. The first prison was sold in 1965. Since that time, sold more than 250 million insulators made by Lviv specialists, successfully operated at a voltage power lines from 0,4 kW to 1150 kW in power systems for more than 30 countries around the world, this is an irrefutable proof of excellent quality and high reliability glass insulators. Along with the suspension insulators made of tempered glass mastered the production of pin insulators, as well as polymeric insulators. Our partners, who buy and sell insulators are leaders in the energy market of Ukraine.