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About us

"Insulator Company", LTD is the official trade representative of the Ukrainian producer of high-voltage glass insulators, and specializes in integrated supply all types of insulators, as well as fittings and components for power transmission lines.

Initiators, founders and employees of the enterprise is a group of Ukrainian experts insulator production with long experience in this industry, known on the international level.

Tens of millions of insulators, manufactured and delivered with the participation of our specialists are used in power systems for more than 50 countries worldwide.

In our active over the past years:

  • restore the production of insulators in Lviv Insulator Company, 2002-2005;
  • creation of production of high-pin glass insulators in Lytkarino, Moskovskaya region., 2005 through 2006;
  • technical leadership for the organization of production details from glass for insulators PS70E in Makhachkala, The Republic of Dagestan, 2008;
  • technical assistance in mastering the production of glass insulators on the firm "U.M.E.K.", Yuzhnouralsk, Russia, 2008-2009.

Our investments now being active in the creation of new products, and efforts aimed at development and production for advanced power lines.

Our partners are both representatives of the Ukrainian energy sector, and enterprises of CIS countries, Baltic, Western and Eastern Europe.

Cooperation with manufacturers of electrical products, allows our company to offer the best possible at the present stage of development of electrical industry can confidently look to the future.

We offer you cooperation, create a dealer network, our partners put a reliable product with high technical parameters.